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We are seeking professional foragers and commercial herb farmers to provide a reliable source of medicinal nightshade herbs to us. If you are familiar with identifying, safely processing, or growing any of the toxic herbs we use in our ointments, please contact us with a brief bio and your background experience in foraging or farming and, if you are not within Canada, your knowledge of the paperwork involved in shipping botanicals internationally. We are able to provide educational information to professional foragers and herb farmers who are experienced, but not with these plants specifically.

We are looking for: atropa belladonna, datura innoxia, datura stramonium, datura wrightii, hyoscyamus niger, scopolia, mandragora officinarum, mandragora autumnalis, and poplar buds (populus balsamifera and populus trichocarpa).

Only contract work is available at this time.

Contact us for more information.