Natural Pain Relief

Hand crafted medicinal nightshade ointments of belladonna, datura, henbane, and mandrake for soothing the body and spirit. These sacred plants help with pain, sleep, stress and anxiety.

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Transforming Weeds into Medicine

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There really isn't much physically that you don't have an ointment to help with. I definitely recommending keeping these in the medicine cabinet.


I love all of your ointments. They have helped so much in managing my aches and pains. Since starting to use them I no longer take pain medications.


Your nightshades are the best! Thank you so much for creating something that takes away the aches, reduces swelling, and relaxes my legs/ankles.


Our Process

We pride ourselves in making holistic products where the whole herbs themselves are used, not just extracts of their active ingredients. The aim is to make a natural herbal ointment, not a pharmaceutical. We believe this results in a better healing experience and a better understanding of what each plant medicine is capable of.

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Our Herbalist

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